faculty Vision

 faculty Vision 

The basic significance behind the establishment of Al Alsun College is the graduation of young people who are proficient in the languages spoken by the peoples of geographical, cultural and civilizational weight in the world, thus facilitating cultural, social and intellectual communication as well as intellectual communicating through living languages is one of the most important tools of the age, which has led to progress and creative coexistence among peoples. The building of progress society in Egypt can not be achieved without effective communication with the developed countries that surround us on the European continent, as well as  peoples in Asia such as India, South Korea, China and Russia.

We see that mastering the main languages spoken by countries such as China, India, the two Koreas and Russia are the most pressing necessities of our world in which we now live. We believe that India is making great strides towards scientific and technological progress, and we see China today as one of the world's largest economies today.

We also see that African languages are very important. We need to know the important African languages today. Do not we see around us how our neglect of the African continent lead to the division of Sudan, and the temptation of Ethiopia - the most important African countries for Egypt - to work to act alone -  it is the upstream  state - in the waters of the Nile.

Russia has returned to become the second largest power after the United States of America, and may precede it in the field of armaments and natural resources. Russian was therefore one of the most important foreign languages in today's world.

We also see that Spanish is an important language especially for Arab civilization in general and Egyptian in particular, because Egyptian civilization is associated with European civilization in general and Spanish especially since ancient times. It is sufficient to mention Andalusia.

One of the languages to which we must devote the potential to learn is Portuguese; it is the language of  Brazil  which is the largest South American country, one of the most progress countries in the South American continent, and one of the most promising countries such as China and India. Portuguese is then one of the languages that the Arab should learn today at Al Alsun College.